Events with a twist

Doing things just a little bit differently. Offering your target group a new experience that is all about shared ambitions, from start to finish. Storytelling by means of an event, to which invaluable encounters and connecting are key. We help you tell that story. Challenge-based thinking is our strength. We regard events as part of your marketing and sales plan. Creating commitment among the target group requires enthusiasm and transparency. With a wealth of experience, both national and international, your next event is guaranteed to be a success.

Who is Niels Bouwman?


Leave an impression that creates a smile every time. Thinking back to your event you can not help but be proud of the moment there, but also the feeling afterwards.

How do we work?

Niels Bouwman

Only when everyone has a smile on his or her face, the goal is reached. Niels has specialist knowledge and experience in setting up integrated concepts that ensure a positive impact.

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Here we share news, experiences and tips in the field of events, event marketing and live communication. We collect this knowledge for you and place it in the form of blog articles.

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